Creative web designer & East Midlands hat wearer of the year 1993 This is jive talk!

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I am a confident hat wearer (surprising really as I have a very small head), but not just physically speaking – metaphorically speaking too. I have an adaptable skill set that bridge a spectrum of roles within the web industry. This allows me to add value to every step in the project process and give you far more than just a sexy picture of what your website might look like.

Having over 9 years experience designing for the Internet, I am a competent web designer & developer with a passion for creating applications and websites that are rich in creativity and functionality, while placing a strong emphasis on usability and accessibility. I am adept at taking a project through all of the various phases of user centred design – from analysis and design, to implementation and deployment.

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Specific skills

  • Hats that describe my processes95%
    HTML + CSS
  • Hats that describe my processes95%
  • Hats that describe my processes85%
  • Hats that describe my processes75%
    XML + XSLT

And I can muddle my way around the following:

MOSS + SharePoint, ASP, ASP.Net MVC, SASS & LESS, Git, SQL, PHP, Wordpress, Azure Services