Dean Weston

Creative web designer & East Midlands hat wearer of the year 1993

Under the hat

All about me

I am a confident hat wearer (surprising really as I have a very small head), but not just physically speaking – metaphorically speaking too. I have an adaptable skill set that bridge a spectrum of roles within the web industry. This allows me to add value to every step in the project process and give you far more than just a sexy picture of what your website might look like.

Having over 9 years experience designing for the Internet, I am a competent web designer & developer with a passion for creating applications and websites that are rich in creativity and functionality, while placing a strong emphasis on usability and accessibility. I am adept at taking a project through all of the various phases of user centred design – from analysis and design, to implementation and deployment.

Hats worn

What I can offer


  • Requirements gathering
  • Project definition
  • Information Architecture


  • Wire-framing
  • Visualisation & Design systems
  • Functional mock-ups


  • Front-end development
  • Template & Style creation
  • CMS integration

Hat tricks

Specific skills

  • 95%

    HTML + CSS

  • 80%


  • 90%


  • 65%

    C# + RAZOR

  • 50%

    XML + XSLT

  • 75%


It's an honest core skill set, but I have tried on many hats over the years. Infact here is a list of buzzwords and phrases I would be confident to shout out at an interview if I felt I was losing you:


Work & Projects

I have accidentally made a career out working in the education sector...
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Thinking Cap

Case studies & Articles

I am currently in the process of writing up some case studies and articles that will be added the Articles section of this website. The latest article will be featured here

Check back soon for a short read...


Noteable Achievements

  • Part of a Coventry University team that was Highly Commended at HEIST AWARDS 2010 for ‘Best Innovation and Creative Thinking Campaign’ for the Integrated Use of Emerging Media Platforms Project, which involved early adoption of Apples iTunesU platform and YouTube channel marketing.
  • Educational based careers advise CD-ROM, that I designed and developed while working at VIS Communications called “Moving On”, received a BECTA ICT Excellence Award.
  • When I was 10 I won a competition to design a poster for the “Keep Leicester Tidy” campaign. The poster was mass-produced for use by Leicester City Council. I got my picture in the local paper and I got to lord it over Sean Greenwood - In your face Sean Greenwood!